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Cốc Cốc Browser

Cốc Cốc is a fast, secure and user-friendly mobile web browser. This browser is designed to enhance your time on the Internet with fascinating features like video download, pin video, night mode, smart search, save money while shopping and many more. Download now for a unique experience and join 25 million that use Coc Coc everyday. What will you get? ★ Download Video: Watch your favorite videos offline and without interruption. ★ Pin video: Surf the web and watch a video at the same time by pinning that video. ★ Secure browsing: Cốc Cốc detects malicious pages and protects you from spyware, malware and harmful downloads. ★ New tab news feed: Swipe down our new tab to read todays news. ★ Save money shopping online: When you view a product on a website, Cốc Cốc can scan thousands of websites to find identical or similar products with lower prices and recommend the best deal to you. ★ Reader mode: Cốc Cốc hides distracting content from web pages to help your focus. ★ Night mode: Protect your eyes while browsing the web in the dark with this mode. ★ Incognito mode: Cốc Cốc does not save your personal information and browsing history in this mode. ★ Provide information about movies in theaters: Type the name of a movie (that is in cinema right now) into Cốc Cốc search box and you will be able to see its schedule, trailer, actors, duration and ratings. More and more features customized for Vietnamese users will be added in future, so dont miss it. Download for free and experience Cốc Cốc now For more details, please visit: https://coccoc.com Follow us on: https://facebook.com/CocCocTrinhDuyet

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