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Unicorn Ice Cream Maker - Carnival Fair Food 2018

Like ice cream? Why eat boring normal ice cream when you can eat colorful and trendy UNICORN ice cream in carnival fair 2018? Now its the time. With our newest Unicorn Ice Cream Maker out. You could have the very skill to make the most fashionable unicorn ice cream. Lets rock the carnival fair right now. FIrst, add all the ingredients to the bowl, and mix them well. Be careful not to spill it out. Choose the food coloring you like, you can choose more than one. Pink,red,blue,green,purple, Ok, lets choose them all. Add the food coloring to the ice cream batter. And use a stick to mix them well. Wow, the batter become colorful right now. Freeze your ice cream in the refrigerator. OK, come to the most fantastic step. Scoop your colorful ice cream to the bowl. And decorate them with so many unicorn decorations. You are the most fashionable chef now. Take a photo to show off to your friends, and then enjoy your wonderful treat - unicorn ice cream. Features: - A trendy unicorn food making theme games for all aged girls and boys. - Super easy and super fun to make food. - Learn to cook in a crazy fun way. - Tons of unicorn decorations to choose from. - Live to eat? Then dont miss the chance to treat yourself.