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onoff App - Call, SMS, Numbers

The onoff App allows you to add multiple phone numbers to your smartphone, instantly. Get a burner number for your social life, a second work number, or a temporary phone number to protect your privacy. Enjoy unlimited calls and free messages with other onoff Users anywhere in the world. The onoff App is much more than a multiple phone number app — it offers real, permanent, temporary or disposable mobile phone numbers in multiple countries, all through your GSM network & data plan. With the onoff App you can: • Get additional phone numbers on your smartphone • Get a 2nd number without changing your SIM card, device, or mobile network provider • Pre-type & schedule your texts to send at any date/time, with Delayed Messages. • Simply swipe your numbers on/off and be available only when you want to be. • Password protect a number and hide it from prying eyes, using Stealth Mode • Access your onoff Number and contacts from any Android/iOS smartphone, anywhere • Make unlimited, free calls and send free messages to other onoff App users • No more dropped calls, - unlike other apps, onoff Calls use the regular GSM/CDMA network—ensuring crystal clear call quality ======================================================================== OUR MULTIPLE PHONE NUMBER APP HAS MANY USES: A second phone number for freelancers In the new digital economy more and more people moonlight with second jobs and part time gigs and need multiple phone numbers to manage their separate identitys. onoff lets you have multiple phone numbers for your freelance activities, or even disposable/burner numbers to post on web advertisements—so you dont get bothered by annoying telemarketers, or spammers. With the onoff App your second phone number is just like your first except you can open a separate channel of communication with clients, while ensuring that your personal life is still private but you still know who is calling which number with full caller ID, voicemail and ability to separate numbers into different categories. onoff is also your private additional phone number for dating, advertisements, or people that you dont want to give your real phone number to just yet. Its easy to delete a friend on social media, but not so easy to delete the phone number you gave them... Take control of awkward moments and have a second number for those times when you should have known better So, in short, the app can deliver: A disposable number A burner number A second phone line for web signups A weekend number A second phone number for travel A second mobile phone number for business use Disposable phone numbers for online ad listings Multiple phone numbers for...anything you like Youre the boss ONOFF NUMBERS onoff Numbers can be used with any regular SIM card, on any Android or iOS smartphone. Because they use the GSM/CDMA network they can be operated anywhere in the world, with crystal clear call quality. So theyre just like a regular number...only way more awesome You can also purchase a subscription to a number anytime for a super-cheap price Get as many additional phone numbers as you want from just $3.99 per month. An onoff Number will, however, share the minutes from your regular carriers GSM and data plan. N.B. Numbers may not work with short SMS codes. In-app purchases apply - Credits are needed to make International calls **Credits are non-refundable** ******************************************************************** Wed love to hear from you If you have any feedback or questions about our amazing phone number app, feel free to get in touch with us at support@onoffapp.com. Feeling sociable? Follow us: Twitter: @onoff Facebook: onoff App Instagram: onoff App