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Organizy Grocery Shopping List

What is the problem that must be solved by a truly great shopping list app? Making the buying of products a snap And thats exactly what you will get when you use the Organizy to assist you with your shopping. Use Organizy to: ⇒ Quickly add products to your list with the help of our auto-complete feature – you will be pleasantly surprised to see just how diverse and complete the Organizys inventory is. ⇒ Strike out items from your list using only one hand – leaving the other free to take products off the shelves and put them into your shopping cart. ⇒ Save time by using the ideal route in a store to get your shopping done quickly and efficiently – Organizy automatically groups the products on your list according to sections/isles of a store. ⇒ Choose to see the must-buy products at the top of your list – this is especially helpful for long shopping lists. ⇒ Have no fear of accidentally striking out an item on your shopping list. You will find the Organizy intuitive and well-thought out. Once you use Organizy, you will wonder how you ever got along without it == Support Links == http://www.facebook.com/Organizy http://plus.google.com/+Organizy http://twitter.com/Organizy support@organizy.com (formerly known as a Tote Bag grocery list app)